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This is a Drops hipping Company out of Las Vegas owned by Trevor Mesnik. Scam 

Scam CBD companies you should probably stay away from

Don`t get scammed! Find out how to spot scams and what to do if your business is victim to them. Below is a list of CBD scam businesses.

Daily CBD Last updated January 7, 2022

The CBD (cannabidiol), space is full of fraudsters right now.

Customers are attracted to new industries that do not yet know what to look out for. This creates a perfect environment for scammers.

We`ll be highlighting the top 3 types possible CBD scams that you might come across, and we`ll also list any scams that we have already discovered.

We`ll show you how to spot scams from a mile away, and what to do if your identity is stolen.

First, let`s talk about 5 CBD brands that we know are trustworthy and won`t con you.

5 Trustworthy, Scam-Free CBD Businesses

CBD Scam #1: The "Free Trial Scam"

Receive a FREE bottle of CBD Shipping is all you need!

This sounds great, but it is almost always a scam.

This one is popular because it looks like a genuine attempt to build brand loyalty. CBD can be expensive. A bottle of CBD oil can run from $30 to $300, depending on its size and the potency. It can be difficult to resist a free bottle of oil to get started.

While some CBD companies may offer free samples of their products, they are not always free. These are essentially a smaller version of the regular CBD oils from the company that you can buy at a cheaper price, but you still have to pay for them.

There is a crucial difference between "free" CBD samples and those from well-respected CBD brands.

Virtually every company offering a "free trial for a small shipping fee" deal is a scam and should be avoided.

Here`s how the scam works

Sign up by entering your name, address, and other details as usual. You can get CBD oil at a discounted price of $0 and pay a small shipping charge (between $1-10) via debit or credit card.

You should read the fine print. The terms and conditions contain a section that you agree to pay $70-$90 per month via debit or credit card if your subscription is not cancelled within the trial period.

Cancelling your trial is difficult, asthese scams will keep you paying and subscribed for as long as you want.

Many victims of this scam claim they signed up for a free trial but were unable to contact the company to cancel their subscription.

They can`t find any way to cancel the contract on the website or via email. After multiple attempts, they have not received a response from the company.

The CBD oil that you receive by mail is often of shockingly low quality.

A 30 mL bottle will contain 100 mg of CBD. However, it is possible to get CBD-free hemp seeds. These oils may contain chemicals and contaminants, so they are likely to be low-quality.

These products will not be worth the $90+ that you end up spending.

How to Respond if You Fall for This Scam

Relax, people fall for this type of scam every day. These companies are very adept at building trust.

There are solutions.

You should first contact the company to see if you have been victim to a similar scam.

You can call the company several times and send emails.

Tell them to be firm and that if they don`t immediately refund your credit card, you will file for " Fraud Chargeback" through credit card company. You can also contact your country`s attorney general for further actions.

Follow the above threats if the money is not refunded.

Call your credit card company to file a fraud chargeback. Although it may take some time to get your money back if the company is a fraud, you will receive your money in a few months or weeks.

It is recommended that you cancel the credit card as soon as the dust settles or when you get a refund from the scam firm. The next step is to order a credit card with a different number.

Here are some examples of brands that have fallen for this scam

  • Assure CBD
  • Divine CBD
  • CBD isolate directly
  • Miracle CBD
  • CBD: The Best Choice
  • Organix CBD
  • Pure CBD
  • Pure Med CBD
  • Serene CBD
  • Serenity CBD
  • Sky CBD
  • Star CBD
  • True CBD
  • Zen Labs CBD

There may be variations of these companies. Sometimes, a company is caught in a scam like this and they simply change their name.

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