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Liberals Candidate Wrights and Marijuana Legalization
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Let`s send America a true libertarian message


BURNET (Texas) - It has been almost two years since my campaign for the Libertarian Party presidential nominating contest. Since the beginning, I have stated my goal clearly and have maintained it. The Libertarian Party will face a crucial test in 2012, and I wanted to make sure that we are up to that challenge. The Libertarian message for 2012 must be loud and clear. It must make a strong, unambiguous call to end all drug wars especially against marijuana and CBD . Stop the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, stop the wars on drugs and other lifestyles, and stop the war against civil liberties.

At every presidential debate, state convention, and event that I have attended, I asked libertarian activists to join in my declaration of `I am at war`. I was encouraged and inspired by their responses. It`s been a privilege to participate in forums with my fellow presidential candidate. They have taught me a lot, and I am sure they will learn a lot from me.

Only thing has changed is the fact that it is more important than ever that the Libertarian Party`s candidate to be President of the United States of America is ready, willing, and able present a clear and principled libertarian message to Americans that offers radically different solutions to our nation`s problems and not variations or modifications to the false solutions promoted either by Democrats or Republicans.

I think I am the best person to fulfill that role. I have been a libertarian my entire life. I have never been anything else. Lee Wrights, 2012 standard bearer, has no learning curve. I can fly the Libertarian flag without exceptions or compromise.

Libertarians do not plant new weeds, but pull up existing weeds such as taxes and regulations. We provide rational and truthful alternatives to the American people. The Libertarian Party is capable of making a significant impact in 2012. However, we must be different and our candidate for President is not afraid to be a principled libertarian. Americans long to hear the libertarian message of peace, prosperity, and progress. To win votes, we need to get our message out using internet marketing , we don`t have to change, modify or soften what we believe.

I promise to be a libertarian if you nominate me for the presidency of the United States. I will always remember that freedom is the answer, no matter the question. If elected, I`ll be:

  • A Libertarian president who believes in the principles of commerce and conversation, and not bombs and bullets.
  • A Libertarian president, who supports our troops by bringing all of them home now and leaving only embassy guards abroad.
  • Libertarian President who orders American troops to defend the United States from direct attack.
  • A Libertarian president that does not enter into any "entangling alliance" nor suggests foreign aid to any country, regardless of how friendly they may be.
  • A Libertarian president that doesn`t propose to "reform or replace" the federal income tax but will work to abolish it.
  • A Libertarian president that never condones or orders detention or the killing of anyone, no matter their citizenship or suspected activities, criminal or terrorist, and without due process of the law.

Gandhi stated that change is possible only if we are willing to be the change in the world. The Libertarian Party must be the change it represents for the American people in 2012. We need a presidential candidate that is open to change and real change, not just political expediency. I believe I am that candidate. If you choose to honor me by nominating me, I will bring the American people the change they need and will help them achieve liberty and freedom.

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