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How to be a good medical marijuana vendor
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This is dispensaryexhange`s first thread regarding vending to medical marijuana dispensaries and soon vending to recreational dispensaries that allow 21 and over adults to purchase marijuana. Washington State passed I-502 and Colorado State Passed Initiative 64. This guide is written by James B. Dispensary owner and master marijuana grower.

A. Call or email the dispensary owner before showing them their products. Dispensary owners get bombarded daily by those showing up without permission trying to show their products. Shop owners are busy running a business unwanted solicitations is the last thing they want. Think about how you feel when people show up at your house trying to sell you Amway or something you don`t want or need Now imagine having 10 sales people showing up daily and then taking 20 phone calls a day. You wouldn`t like it and neither does dispensaries. Either use this website to send a message or email the shop
with your products you have to offer. When you email the shop include pictures of your product and prices along with contact information. You might not get a call now but when supplies start running low you may get a call in the future. Then main thing to do is be professional
their prices at street level or below. There is not a lot of profit left over after all the bills are paid for most shops. I have seen vendors storm out of my shop because they got offended at a price I offered for their bomb ass cheese quake. It doesn`t mean your marijuana isn`t that good it just means that the dispensary owner can not afford to buy it and make enough money to keep the shop open. Every medical marijuana grower thinks there weed is the best in the world I`m one of them but it doesn`t mean your going to get the price you want from a dispensary.

D. Trim your product and get rid of the shake in the bag. Dispensary owners HATES stems and shake. Make sure you remove all of it before you bring it to a shop.
Since profit margins are so small if you have even 7 grams of shake in the bag that the owner can`t sell he probably won`t take it because that`s a 70 dollar loss.
Highly important to trim your bud and remove all shake before you bring it to a shop.

E. Be professional and return calls within 24 hours. I hate it when I call a vendor when I`m low on product. This happens a lot especially in California dispensaries in the summer time. The summer is when a lot of dispensaries have trouble finding product because it is right before croptober. I even heard Denver dispensaries had to ration off weed so that they wouldn`t run out in the summer of 2012. So even if you are out be professional and call the owner back and let him know your status. These are the type of vendors I like to deal with Vendors who want even answer a call when someone is trying to put money in their pocket tell you a lot about how they run their operations.

Other owners feel free to add your thoughts to the list.
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Thank you!  Finally, not having a million adds in my face all the time, imagining trees instead of billboards, so nice!  I stopped watching TV because of all the adds, among other things... 
"You might not get a call now but when supplies start running low you may get a call in the future." This is the truth!  Vendors - your job is to let businesses know the availability and type of product.  People have minds and typically can think for themselves.  If you`re not making the sales you want, try a better bud or a more honest approach.  
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