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Our Destiny Awaits Watson QANON
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The rest of this story will focus on the following topics.estiny is my daughter she has been missing for 11 years. Recently I found her on Face Book. For the last 5 to to months I have been setting up this

SEA demonstration  for quite some time. I met her mom after I got out of college.;=a.147851133993.111996.89278513993&type;=1

Jokes on you Snitches


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Hello my little chocolate sweetie,HAPPY Valentines Day from PAPA BEAR.  New announcement: Watson has left the building and James Balinese the forth is back. Hmmmm fascinating I also have children. Do you think that means anything Dr. Freud???? I have missed a point about my SEO demonstration and that is I am a businessman and also a farther at the same time. 

I have to think would I want any potential business partners of children reading this later in life? I learned one important I also was so focused on getting revenge on my player haters that I forgot my own daughter’s birthday and Martin Luther King’s birthday. That’s a shame it really is. 

And I apologize to my daughter and the memory of DR. King. And in honor of my children and the good Dr. I would like to write this poem. Also Watson is dead in place of Watson we will use Destiny when I want to make a certain point. Destiny could be the any of the following, It is up to you to interpret the meaning. Destiny is my daughter’s Middle Name.

 Destiny is anyone who believes in the United States Constitution 
Destiny is all my partners who TRUSTED ME including anyone who signed the website.

  Destiny is anyone who wants freedom from the MAN. Destiny is anyone who believes that Cannabis should be legal for the entire United States. Destiny is those who believe in LOYALTY and Friendship:

 Destiny is the rest of you who trusted me and you know who you are. Hey is your name Destiny??? Then join us. I had a dream that one day I would find my daughter and she would join our happy family. I had a dream that the Red Emperor Collective would be the best dispensary in the World. 

I had a dream that Washington State would be fair and allow all to participate in the new recreational marijuana market. I had a dream that cannabis would be legalized across the world. I had a dream that people woke up and learned the truth about the healing powers of cannabis. I had a dream that Americans would give up racism and judge people by the content of character and not by the color of their skin.

I had a dream that all men and women around the world would not be oppressed by their governments but would be able to live their life the way they chose as long as they were not infringing on the rights of others. I had a dream that player haters would all move to one island far away from everyone else. This dream did come true for me destiny. So sad that island is where papa bear decided to set up shop. 

 I had a dream where all Americans can enjoy high quality cannabis at an affordable price and the tax man can steal be happy. Right Destiny???? Well guess what so far my dream is turned into a night mare. 

But I am optimistic that slowly with time and pressure all things are possible. Now back to hunting snitches. I have been having multiple system failures over the last three days but it seems to be stabilizing. Hmmmm that story sounds familiar.

 Any who couple of things you need to know about my Oedipus Complex. When I was growing up I was a bad boy. I use to fly across the county doing all kinds of bad boy things. 

One time I flew from Virginia, Picked up my home boy and then we flew to the Virgin Islands. We had a great time, as a matter of fact that is where me and Voodoo had our honey moon Destiny. My mother knew I was making money at the age of 14 and I had no problem sharing it with her. After all she’s my Mother. 

However, she always seem to want more and more and when I didn`t give in to her demands guess what she did? She snitched me out to the police. I remember coming home one day and I kind of had a feeling she was going to do that. Right when I got to the drive way I head to crackle of police scanner coming from a car parked right in front of my apartment. I kept on walking and didn`t go back. She then tried to put a LIFE INSURANCE policy on me. 

The theory in her mind was if I DIED she would get rich. Hmmmmm where have I heard that before Destiny? You see my mother is scatter-good kind of like me. The more money I make the more money I spend. About 6 months ago destiny before I found you again on face book my mother called me and asked me to give her your brother’s social security numbers so that she could get them life insurance?? 

Now the question is does somebody have a life insurance policy out there for my death that I don’t know about? I’m not accusing anybody of anything I just wonder. Maybe I should Google it??? What do you think Destiny, can you help big daddy SEARCH for the truth and help him punk the man??? 

Here are a couple of lessons I have learned over the last few days Destiny.

Hey Destiny did I tell you my MOTHER was flirting with a stranger DURING my fathers funeral? I think If I remember correctly she was trying to sale him a LIFE INSURANCE POLICY. That is disrespectful don`t you think.

My FAJJJA your grandfather had about 100k when he died destiny. You want to see a pack of wolves? You should of seen the way my family behaved after my fathers death. I was never more disgusted in my life. My father was the kindest person I have ever known. Seem like every one but me and my Grand Father were just trying to scavenge the remains of his tiny estate. That moment changed my life Destiny. Shocked Me. I didn`t even know he was sick next thing I know I get a call from my sister that my fajja was gone. Didn`t even get a chance to say good bye. I think that might be part of my issues now Destiny. You see I had to LAUNCH my DOOMS DAY machine up my Washington State Mans HYNIE HOLE because ma-by I felt like I was running out of time. What do you think Dr. Freud??? 
So one one side I have my nice and kind father, on the other side I have my bi-polar mother. I wonder if I have abandonment issues. I wonder if I am a Dr. Heckle and Mr. Hide Destiny. Destiny this story represents my own personal SSBM I have received orders to launch a pre-emptive strike against the Washington State Man. I do not want to go to nuclear war because that`s a NO WIN situation. But I am prepared to carry out any order give by my Commander in Chief. Get it Chief???

Big Daddy will write to Destiny at least once a day for now on. Help Big Daddy find the nitch Destiny.
 Turn your cheek and forgive those that transgress against you unless they do it again. Punk me once shame on you sue me twice shame on me. 

Time stamp 2/14/2014 1:25 am Mr. X is ready to reveal himself destiny. Drum roll please…………………………………………………………………………………………………..
 GOOGLE IS MR. X Destiny. Because you can answer your own legal questions as long as you KNOW WHERE TO LOOK!!!! How do you think papa bear set up the dummy of the county?????? , 

Hey Destiny I predict law suits in my future. What do you think?? Here is an offer to any player hater thinking about doing that. 

Remember I would rather be friends than enemies don`t you have a business that might need a fresh website like this one???? Win Win Player. 

Or do you hold a grudge???

 Also, I have had hackers, crackers and attackers screwing with my website. A lot of that crap I didn`t even write remember that warning in my blog about competitors ha tacking each others sites??

 Yeah they plunked my ass real good this time. Had me your DAD crying like a Fukushima.
What do you think Destiny??????
OK I`m going to go back through my story so I dion`t embarrass anybody by name.

But you will know who i`m talking to if YOU ARE THAT PLAYER HATER.
Remember Destiny it is OK to change you patterns as long as your learning at the same time. 

Also Kudos to the Governor for the moratorium on the death penalty. Good timing for my black ass don`t you agree?

Message to all my current, past and future business Partnas.

Destiny what song is this?
Making there way the only way they know how? That;s just a little bit more than the law allows
Just the good o`l boys, never meant it no harm. Beats all you ever saw they in trouble with the law since the day they were born.
You see Destiny that`s me.

 If I mistaking used your material without asking for permission I apololgize. I am broke and did not have time to or the resources to look you all up. I will make a promise to you. If you allow me to use your material. I will personally HOOK UP your websites at a price your going to fall in LOVE with.Also if I owe you any money I will make payments if possible.I always pay my debts unless i get milked boxed or ShawPrank Redundant  of course.
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hello destiny today I had an interesting experience. I know now what it feels like to experience Jim Crowe.

Today I had to go to the pierce county court house without assistance of a attorney. Why do you ask? because the coward of the county STOLE $9500 fromPapa Bear and then QUIT like the bitch he is even though he promised me in my HOTMAIL inbox. that he would never do such a thing.
When you go to the Pierce County Court house they have rules that NIGGERS need to follow. Here they are.

You can not wear sunglasses in the Pierce County Court House
You can not wear a hat in the Pierce County Courthouse.
You can not have your CELL PHONE turned on  in the Pierce County Court House.

If you do THEY WILL REMOVE YOU from the court house. At least that`s what their sign says.
Of course your father forgot to take his Seattle Sea-hawk Super Bowl hat off.
So the cess Poll had their BITCH public defender ORDERED ME to take my hat off. Hey did you know that in some parts of the South they USE to lynch black men just for LOOKING at a white women?? 

That`s how it felt today. Normally I would follow my programming and leave this bitches name out of my story.
Here is the problem. sitting right next to me is a WHITE BOY texturing and playing his games on his BIG EASY TO SEE Smart phone. Did Miss Tickles say anything to him ????  OF COURSE not he just kept playing away not a word not a mention. 

You see Now I have to Prank this whore because she violated my rights to equal protection. 
Powers or something. They told me to come back to court with a lawyer. FOR WHAT????? I didn`t commit any crimes. 

And by the way the first WITNESS I Call in my DEFENSE is Carl Rubicam the BIGGEST DOUCHEBAG IN THE WORLD.
If you can FIND him.

The Second witness I call is TRAVIS the animal catcher that STOLE $1400 cash from the crime scene.
I call the JUDGE that dropped his Tampering with physical evidence against him and HIS LAWYER.
I call Audrey the Snitch
I call Mike the Snitch
I call Levi the Snitch
I call Keli the Coward
I call Bob the Punk
I call Chad the Dick 
I call any other person who was a SNITCH that came into my shop.
I also call all the police officers who first entered the house.
I also call Derek and his friend. 
I also call there MOTHER who was there you remember Destiny the ones who were actually at the scene of the crime but were never charged.
I also call every piece of bacon who was at the scene.
I also call Dave, and Mark 
I also call all prosecutors at Pierce County who were involved in my case.
I also call Komo 4 news and Taboo as HOSTILE WITNESSES
I also call all 10 witnesses who were suppose to testify for me as HOSTILE WITNESSES.
I also call the coward of the county I would like to know why he quit my case after he agreed to my SEO Demonstration.
I also call my HOTMAIL Account.
I call Stephanie the lawyer that stole $1500 from our collective
I call Joanne the TAX agent 
I call any members of the DOR involved with our tax warrant.
I always wanted to be a lawyer now I have my CHANCE!!!!!
The 6th amendment right to effective assistance KEYWORD being ASSISTANCE of council shall NOT be infringed upon.

That`s just to Start.

February 24th TRIAL DAY. Its SHOW TIME Destiny. I always wanted to be a lawyer.
Better get caught up on my RULES OF EVIDENCE for snitch as Washington  State Man.

Hey did you hear that joke by OBAMA??? I got 99 problems now Jay-z is one????
Here is my retort. I got 420 problems but a SNITCH is not one.

Right Right

 I`m going to REPRESENT MYSELF. I don`t need a lawyer. Also that prosecutor tried to get the mark before me to TAKE A DRUG test. The judge is fair and nice. I like her. She told him immediately that those kind of hearings wee not allowed in the court. He knew that to destiny. He just wanted to GIVE ME A DRUG test so they could have a reason to throw me in jail.
The one good thing that I saw today in court. I saw them put RED HANDCUFFS on a CHILD MOLESTER and take his ass to the jail.

I thought I had also met a new friend destiny. He is from Egypt.
 Guess what he PUNKED Me too. Oh and then when I got back to the office one of my first patients came in and TRICKED my new bud tender into giving him extra Meds without paying for it. That`s Tacoma for ya. I don`t even think I want to bring you to this Cess pool Destiny. In my mind that would be CHILD ABUSE to live in this HELL HOLE

 BTW i did talk to your grand mother today and I was very respectful to her. So when I get a text from you saying that I was rude to her. That  lets me know that the BITCH Natasha is on the prowl again. Remember Destiny I am your father and you are my child. I don`t take orders from my children understand?

So You mothers want  to control me by holding my children hostage huh???. LOL time for you to meet the DARK SIDE of James.

Lessons Learned So Far.
Reputation is more important than money.
You are not the always the smartest person in the hizzzouse.
All work and no play makes James a dull boy.
When Stressed there is nothing like the healing power of music.
Do not change your patterns keep true to yourself.
Teach Your  Children Well and be a good example to you business partners.
FRESH FISH taste delicious especially when you catch and release them back into Lake Apple.
You have to trust your real friends and business Partnas.
Blood does not make you family. LOYALTY  makes you family.
Always be nice to your customers.
OK my Story is on pause, I am going to go back through my SEO DEMO and add my 
Destiny Listen to this Song for clues while papa bear works his jelly.

I want to be HIGH so HIGH I want to be Free to know the things I do all right.

Oh Pierce county prosecutors here is a BIG CLUE for you. I will be in court to file my Motions to DISMISS later this week. After all I all ready paid for them. 
Isn`t that right Coward of the County?

From My Boy for My Boys!

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Update Watson It has been a month Watson. I have talked to my daughter. Let`s see Watson how many people have signed our Boycott I-502 site. Watson only 211 signed our petition to save medical marijuana in Washington State Watson. Do you see why I call this the player hater capital of the world????
I need some Justice for my trial Watson. I had a dream Watson where I was a gangster Watson slicing up Bacon Watson. What does that mean Watson???
Watson I heard there is BAD WEATHER Watson all over the country Watson. Flooding Watson.
Business is still here Watson. Now I know who my true friends are Watson. Watson, I need some money Watssoon hmmmmmmm
lets see. Watson!!! I got an idea MLM Watson.

DO you need a website WATSON??
How about a CUSTOM DATABASE for you small business Watson.

anybody catch that interview with the Zipperhead Watson?
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Update Watson Another day anothet new player hater watson. What the fuck is wrong with Washington.seems mif they werent a snitch before, there Ita snitch now? It seems that the Red Emperor
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