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The Persecution of the Red Emperor Collective
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The Persecution of the Red Emperor Collective

Trial Date set for February 23rd 2014 for manufacturing and possession of Marijuana.


We are asking those who believe in the power of  medical marijuana patients and the Constitution of the United States of America to support us at the Pierce County Superior Court.


Note:  In this STORY 
I am SHERLOCK HOLMES and  is all the people who believe in the US Constitution. ARE WATSON The Washington State Man is Dr. Mortimore. You and your friends can have fun at home too!!!. See what happens to big bad dispensary owner. This is my own reality show on the internet.
Have FUN!!!!

Tip for Watson: Make sure you hover your mouse over all the links in this STORY for clues there will be a nice cash prize for the winner of the person who collects the most clues at the end of this STORY.
Greetings, My Name Is Saul Meshach, and I am the owner of the Red Emperor Collective located in Tacoma Washington. Currently I am facing felony charges for growing Medical Marijuana for our members.

First, a little background of who I am, where I come from and how I ended up owning a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Tacoma Washington.

I moved to Washington State in 1998 from Virginia to pursue a career at Microsoft, working as a database engineer. After about 5 years, I left to work at another tech start up that dealt with internet postage. This was around 2002 when the first .com bust happened and I soon found myself laid off.  After about 6 months of looking for work, I found another job as a database administrator in an insurance company. During this time I met my current wife. She was the first person to introduce me to Cannabis because she used it to relieve the pain from a previous Judo injury. Soon we learned that buying marijuana from the shady kid next door was not a good way to find quality medication at an affordable price so she obtained her medical marijuana license and we started growing it at our home around 2009. A few years later we learned that the Washington State Legislature was about to pass a new medical marijuana law that would allow dispensaries to be legitimate and pay taxes.

We thought, wow this would be a great business to get into. You get to help people feel better and even in some cases heal certain ailments they might have. We immediately started looking for a space to rent where we could open our business. As a lot of I-502 people are aware of that the hardest part of opening a dispensary is finding a location where not only the city is cool with you but also a willing landlord who will put his property at risk. We first talked to the city of Renton and went to their office and filled out an application. We soon received a call from the city telling us that they would not issue a business license for a dispensary and if we opened up we would be violating the law.

We then tried multiple other places and were denied at every turn. I finally resorted to putting an advertisement on a internet site asking if any landlord would be willing to provide an building to rent to me.  A person responded to my advertisement saying he had a place in Tacoma and that there was another dispensary a few blocks away and he had no problem with it and thought it was great.

So me and my business partner first contacted the city of Tacoma to make sure it was all good and they said no problem, just come down and fill out the business application and pay the fee.

So in March of 2011 Northwest Herbal Care was born and we were on our way to a successful business with the support of the city and the state or so we thought.

Three months later the problems started when Governor of Washington State decided to veto all the parts that made medical marijuana dispensaries legal. Please see the press

We soon received our first letter from the city of Tacoma telling us that our business license was being revoked and we had 30 days to appeal. This appeal process went on for 2 years and me and my wife finally gave up on fighting the city and reopened up at a new location and changed the name of our business to the Red Emperor Collective.

Our first big problem started in December of 2011 when I received a letter from the Department of Revenue that our taxes were due. My first thought was how can taxes be due and at the same time they’re pulling down my business license saying we are illegal? Me and my wife decided that we should report and pay our taxes anyway so that we would not get into trouble with the State.  We filed our taxes normally and paid $2000 cash for a partial payment for 2 quarters of business. We were shocked when a few weeks later the DOR sent us a tax bill for $20,000! I soon learned that they would not let us deduct the cost of the medicine that we paid to our vendors so we just basically screwed ourselves.  We begged and pleaded our tax agent to give us time to make payments so that we could still keep our business running and feed our children. By this time we were all invested and the business was barely keeping its doors open due to heavy competition and falling prices.

The tax agents were hearing none of it, they gave us 30 days to come up with the money or they were going to revoke our business license. They also told me that if I stayed open it would be a felony charge.

They also told me that I could not close my current business and open another business until I paid the past due taxes. They also said that even if I got a job my checks would be garnished to pay off the tax debt. Basically they told me I had no rights in Washington State to feed myself and my family.

I was stuck, if I closed I would be homeless with a wife and 5 kids to feed. If I stayed open I would be locked up. We didn`t have enough to afford an attorney so I researched the laws and found out that I could appeal to the Superior Court of Pierce County. This would give me 4 to 6 months of time to get caught up with the taxes and hopefully keep my business open.

About a week later I came to work and I saw a notice on our door to cease and desist business signed by the DOR. It also said that it was a felony to remove the notice from the door. I went back to DOR and informed them that I was going to appeal to the Superior court. Joanne (DOR AGENT) looked at me with concern and said that’s going to cost you extra money. I wondered “why would you care” it was only a $250 dollar filing fee and I’m facing a felony charge and the loss of my business, I think I can do the cost benefit analysis on my own thank you very much.

So I filed my paperwork to appeal the revocation of my business license based on the 5thamendment rights to self-incrimination. See

We told the Department of Revenue that we had no problem paying our taxes as long as they give us in writing that we would not be prosecuted in the future. They refused to give me that promise.We have been trying to solve our tax problem but how can we do that when we are facing felony charges on the same business? Also how can you pay your taxes when they are jacking all your supplies and equipment that you need for your patients. 80 percent of the cost of running a collective is the cost of the medicine. Either you grow it or you get it from vendors where you have to pay them. Without that garden that I invested in we have been struggling to keep our doors open due to falling prices. 

When my day in the court arrived, I was surprised to see that the department of revenue had sent 2 lawyers.


As soon as the case came up the Judge dismissed my claims based on the arguments by the defendants that I filed my case in the wrong court. The judge ruled that I had to file the petition in another County. I knew the ruling was crazy. I read that attorneys will use all kinds of obscure laws to get a pro se defendant case dismissed. I was angry and swore under my breath “kangaroo court” The judge heard me and with rebuke in her voice said “You can leave the courtroom now mister!” I was like DAMN they’re going to force me to close my business and me and my family are going to be homeless. However, nothing happened. No more visits from the DOR. No more postings on my door. I guess they figured out they could not push me around and moved on to easier targets. But they did file a Tax warrant on me and my wife for twenty two thousand dollars. With a tax warrant your credit is ruined and you cannot open or operate a business until it’s paid. I heard that other lawyers who fought the department of revenue on taxes for medical marijuana dispensaries had the same results. The department of revenue gave up. See:

What else blew my mind was that the Governor vetoed the medical marijuana law stating that “ She was concerned that state employees would put themselves at risk of federal prosecution for breaking federal money laundering laws” So isn`t the department of revenue guilty for collecting taxes from a federally controlled substance?

Also If I’m convicted of these charges do the employees who took my tax money have to come to prison with me and be cell mates?

During the same time when I was having this legal battle with the DOR, we had to move our shop because my current landlord was not paying his mortgage and we started getting visits from the bank saying they were going to change our locks. Since the city of Tacoma had a moratorium I was not allowed to move to a different address, but I was able to move to the building next door which had the same address just a different suite number. Our business was starting to pick up and I needed to expand our garden in order to provide better space to our patients and my new landlord had a house for rent.   My new landlord was well known around the community and since I had a business license from the City of Tacoma and was paying my b& 0 taxes I felt confident that I was following the law. Even though I had the problem with the department of revenue I felt that I was not doing anything different than the rest of the cannabis stores.

Around August all hell broke loose on August 23rd 2012. While I was at work I got a frantic call from my friend who was at work in West Seattle. Her Son and his best friend both 18 year old kids who had been spending the night at her house, and were in police custody. They were outside in the yard on a summer day playing with their dog. A man named Karl called 911 and reported that he saw two men breaking into the house.

Now remember this is the middle of summer when the kids are out of school. Both the 18 year old kids looked like they were 13. One was in his pajamas playing with the dog. Also, their car was parked right in front of the house. Yet Carl  felt it necessary to call 911 and report a burglary in progress.

(See Exhibit A transcript of the 911 Call)

Notice how in the first part of the 911 call he gives a full description of the supposed burglars. But then when the dispatch ask if could describe them he replies no. 

Also notice from the CAD dispatch that the initial 911 call was made at 11:15 am and 1 minute later

At 11:16 _T_L was already at the house

By 11:22 they were already entering the house.

When is the last time you had a police ANYWHERE be at the scene of a burglar call in 1 minute!!!!????

Within minutes the police were at the house and knocked on the door. After they received no response, they went through the fence and walked inside the open side door and pulled a gun on these poor teenage kids. Also the news story doesn`t report this, but the Animal Control Office Travis Lyons was among the first ones to enter the house. WHY IS  Animal Control ANSWERING BURGLARY CALLS?

They immediately asked the kids where are you hiding him? They were asking them this question because they had been in the house 4 times in the past looking for an old tenant. They must have thought they were hiding him because she didn’t open the door on the previous knocks by the police. This is why I believe they had one of their buddies call and make a fake 911 call.

They then discovered it was a marijuana growing operation and called for backup. Of course the newspaper stories never told the public that the 2 teenage boys actually lived there. The kids asked the police how could, they be burglars when they knew the alarm code? And also there was a clear Burglar Alarm sticker and sign in the front of the house. If the police thought it was a burglary why didn`t they CALL the alarm company and see if the alarm was tripped instead of entering the house illegally?

When The Lady got there she called me and told me how scared she was to approach them, but they had her youngest son in custody. As soon as she approached them and informed the officers she was the tenant of the house they immediately started asking her was there any money in the house. She told them that she had about $1400 cash on her dresser. She then asked her about her kids. The officer told her that they were going to take the boys to jail and have them searched because they accused the two boys of stealing the money and hiding it to protect their mother. They took pictures of every room and the cash was on the desk. A few hours later, however the cash was missing and they blamed it on the 2 kids.

The next day after these two kids were physically violated, they released them from jail with no charges. Remember these are the same kids that were supposed to be the burglars, but is that reported in the news story. Of COURSE NOT!

To make this even worse the police knew THAT DAY the missing cash was found in the animal control officer’s car but THEY STILL TOOK THE KIDS TO JAIL AND CAVITY SEARCHED THEM!!!!!


I also noticed that most of the news articles about the story were deleted from the internet.

There were about 10 news articles but 90 percent of them are erased off the internet. That shows you what kinds of power were dealing with here.

They also said in the news article that animal catcher was called to the house” later” because of the dog at the house. This is a bold face lie; he entered the house first and pulled a gun on those kids. And remember the same guy who STOLE the $1400 cash had been in the house 3 times before and had already caught the dog and brought him back once. So how could they think the dog was dangerous?

They changed the news in order to cover up there illegal entry into the house.

Also an important note was that originally animal catcher was charged with “EVIDENCE TAMPERING” but mysteriously 9 months later when he pleaded guilty to theft they dropped this important charge. Here’s a question to the Pierce County  prosecutor’s office. How can you charge him for stealing, but not charge him with evidence tampering? You know why? Because it would be impossible for them to SET ME UP with a felony when the officer tampered with physical evidence of a crime scene. That would make the entire evidence chain inadmissible in court. Also they dropped the official misconduct charge. I believe they dropped the official misconduct charge to protect the city from our eventual constitutional violation law suits.

So, since there was a theft at the crime scene the police decided to destroy the plants and take all the growing equipment from the house.

About 3 days later, The animal catcher called his superiors and confessed to stealing the $1400 dollars. You know, the same $1400 dollars that they took those kids to jail and cavity searched?  They asked him why did you steal the money.  He said I don’t know I had never seen a stack of cash like that.

But notice in the official police report, he told his superiors that he wanted to come in and tell the truth, but immediately started lying again.

So 7 months had gone by and I went online to pierce county lynx so see what happened to his case.

About 2 weeks after he pleaded guilty I got a letter in the mail from the Pierce County Superior Court informing me that I was being charged with a FELONY for manufacturing marijuana. My wife and I were shocked. Here I was a dispensary, licensed by the city and paying taxes and now I have a felony charge. On top of that the Animal Control Officer CONFESSED to stealing money from the crime scene and pleaded guilty yet the good people at the Pierce County Prosecutors Office found it proper to charge me with a crime that they KNEW I was not guilty of.

. Now notice that, the tenant who lived at the house and her son were never charged.

Just me and I was nowhere near the scene and was not on the lease.

Do you know how hard it is to run a business when you can not find a lawyer who will answer your questions because there are to scarred of being threatened
 by the State of Washington.????? Isn`t that a violation of your 6th amendment right to council???? Hmmm should check with my attorney on that one.


So now that I’m facing 10 years in prison so I had no choice but to hire a lawyer even though we could barely afford to do so. I found a good attorney who was willing to help us out. I purposely found an attorney not from the city of Tacoma because I am sure that the reason _STEFANI dropped me like a hot potato because she was "persuaded" by someone with power not to help me. Now I was originally charged in April of 2014 and 9 months later I still have not gone to trial.

After I was charged to my attorney I immediately asked for discovering evidence from the prosecutors.

The prosecutors provided the evidence that had to do with my casebut would NOT give the discovery to my attorney regarding Travis Lyons; the thieving animal control officer that also tampered with the evidence.  My attorney has asked for discovery three times and with one month away from my trial, they have stilled refused to release it.

Of course they know as my attorney knows that if they release the evidence of the officer that not only would they have no case against me but it would also show a sustained cover up.

The reason I am releasing the information now is because I believe that even though I have one of the best lawyers in the State that the Pierce County Superior Court will not give me a fair trial. I fear for the safety of my family and myself because if the full truth were known I believe city employees would go to jail. They were already willing to put illegal charges on an innocent business owner, why not step it up and smoke him to hide their secrets?

I am asking all marijuana patients and those who care about justice and the constitution  to support our collective during this criminal trial.
Reminds me of a Richard Pryor Joke. He said he went down to the court house looking for justice, and all he found was Just us......

Ask yourself this. If they could make up a fake burglary charge and take 2 innocent children to jail and have them cavity searched what’s to stop them from doing it to YOUR family.

If you are a medical or a recreational grower, this same thing could happen to you. 
If we allow them to get away with this one they will most certainly do it again to the next house they feel like jacking.

Also now that marijuana is legal by Washington State Medical marijuana why is the City of Tacoma is spending your TAX dollars to prosecute a business owner that they gave a license too? You can’t even get a police officer to answer a burglary call, but they have the money and time to prosecute a business owner who paid taxes to their city coffers.

Me and my wife have been put through hell with these charges hanging over our heads along with the bogus tax warrant..

And ask them how can they give a business a tax warrant, but also file felony charges on that same business for breaking the law? Isn`t that taxation without representation? And If I go to prison shouldn`t the city employees who collected my taxes and licensing fees be my bunk mates?


They have violated my 4th amendment rights to illegal search and seizure.

They have violated my 6th amendment rights to effective assistance of counsel by denying my lawyer discovery that would prove my innocence.

They denied my 5th amendment rights to self-incrimination my forcing me to pay taxes and then charging me with a crime for the same business I’m paying taxes on.

Probably a whole much more but I haven`t had the time to RESEARCH it yet because I have been TOO BUSY fighting FELONY CHARGES.

They violated my civil rights since I truly believe the only reason n that my wife and I  are getting this treatment is because we are minorities. Right now there are businesses all on the news selling marijuana to people without medical cards. Nobody’s messing with them.

All you have to do is Google Seattle Marijuana grows, and there are people all over the news IN PLAIN SITE with 500 + grow warehouses yet they put felony charges on me for finding 80 plants?
Good thing they did not find more than 100 plants, they would of for sure given me Federal Felony Charges, which of course you know with federal charges you have no legal defense. As a matter of fact I suspect they will either raid our dispensary any day now or refer me to there Fed buddies. 


The only rights I have left are my first amendment rights to free speech. And I will use it to tell my story to warn other minorities and other cannabis businesses about how this State operates.

It is quite possible that I will go to prison but I’m not scarred I will continue to fight for the rights of medical marijuana patients and the right of all citizens until they take me out. My Trial Date is 2/24/2014 and I hope that some medical marijuana patients show up and support our cause. Thank you for taking time to listen to our story.

This is another reason I created the website .and also I have seen how the state of Washington operates and I see what’s coming for those who open up recreational stores. If they can do this to a medical marijuana dispensary business with a license paying taxes, why couldn`t they do the same thing to a recreational marijuana business with a license paying taxes? As long as cannabis is still illegal on the federal level no one is safe in the cannabis business. They can pick and choose who they want to fuck with without remorse or shame.

Since marijuana has been legalized in the State of Washington, Washington State Medical marijuana via the liquor control board is proposing to set up rules to eliminate the rights of patients in Washington State all in order to charge sick and dying citizens a 75 percent tax surcharge through I-502 recreational stores.

The Red Emperor Collective

2107 S. 12th St

Tacoma, Washington



  Exhibit A Transcript of the 911 call of K_arl 

Dispatch: 911 what are you reporting?

Ru:   Um some suspicious activity.

Comment:  What’s suspicious about 2 white kids in a white neighborhood in their own yard while one is in his pajamas? Also the house had a BIG alarm sign right on the front door. You think burglars are going to pick a house that is covered with alarm stickers in broad daylight?

Dispatch: Okay, at what address?

Rub   It’s at 7705 35th uhh what is it 35th street.  It’s on the corner of Oas and 35th.

Dispatch: So 35th Street West?

Rub   Yes.

Dispatch: Okay.  And what kind of suspicious activity?

Rub    Uh just two kids just climbed through the window and one is standin out on the porch

Comment:  Why would they climb through a window when they were there visiting there mom and had the keys and KNEW THE ALARM CODE?

Dispatch: Of the house?

Dispatch: Do you know the actual address of the house?

Rub   That was that is the address.

Dispatch: Oh, that is the address of the house?

Dispatch: Okay.

Rub    Yep.

Dispatch: And how long ago did you see them?

Rub   Just just just a second ago.  I just drove by and they’re all ya know just just looking  up to no good.  You know I was one of those kids once so I’m I’m kinda wondering.  One is standing outside and two just climbed through the window. 

Comment: Looking up to no good???, YESSIR, that’s a good reason to call 911. Now all you parents who have 12 and 13 year old kids. Make sure you don’t let them play in their own yard or they might end up being cavity searched.   

This to me is the most dangerous thing that happened. This character Karl thought these kids who he said looked 12. He was willing to terrorize a 12 year old kid? No matter who you are if you are a parent this should give you chills down your spine. For all he knew that house could have belonged to a police officer, judge, Firefighter, Aircraft Employee, Teacher, Priest or Lawyer. What if you are a medical marijuana patient and your kids were cavity searched because somebody decided to set you up?

They were willing to 
terrorize and assault to innocent white teenagers who looked 12 just to get to me.

And another strange thing, when is the last time you heard of a law 
enforcement official confess to stealing  money from a marijuana grow 2 days after the fact?????

At our collective we have ex-police officers, lawyers, professors, firefighters, Boeing Employees, DHS Workers as patients and any one of them could have kids that age and grow marijuana in there homes.

Dispatch: Oh okay.

Dispatch: And standing on the porch, is the subject white, black, Asian or Hispanic?

Rub   White two white kids.

Dispatch: The one that’s standing on the porch.

Rub:    Yep, he’s a white blonde kid _______ black

Dispatch: About how old?

Rub  Black pants uhhh probably 12 or 13.

Comment:So you think 2 12 and 13 year old white kids in a white neighborhood in the middle of the day are breaking into a house with clear Burglar Alarm stickers on the front.

Dispatch: 12 or 13.  About how tall?

Rub   Oh, 5  6

Dispatch: Thin, medium or heavy build?

Rub   Thin

Dispatch: What color hair?

Rub    Blonde

Dispatch: And do you know what color clothing he’s wearing?

Rub    Black

Dispatch: All black clothing?

Rub    Yep.

Dispatch: Okay

Rub    Black shirt black pants.

Dispatch: Any weapons seen?

Rub    No.

Dispatch: Okay, and do you know the people that live here?

Rub    No I don’t.  I was just driving by I was just going to visit my in-laws and they live at the end of the street of Oas and I was coming up sittingat the stop light and I see this kid slither through the window and this other one kind of perked up and seen me ________

Comment:  So you have in laws huh Karl? How is that when your not even married?

Then the kids saw you watching them but they decided hey a neighbor saw us so let’s break into the house.
Also there is no stop light by the house.

Dispatch: Your last name?

Rub    Rub

Dispatch: Ruband your first name?

Rub    Carl

Dispatch: And Carl what’s your phone number there?

Rubi    Uh 253-678-5228

Comment: Uhhhh don’t really want to give that number up do you Karl?

By the way I checked the phone number and it was created from a Facebook account 2 days before this call was made!!!! By the way the name of the face book account was rubyxxx,,,hmmmmm where have I heard that name before??????????

Dispatch: Okay The other two that climbed in the window were they white, black, Asian Hispanic?

Rub    Yep white kids

Dispatch: White kids?

Dispatch: Boys girls?

Rub    Boys

Dispatch: Bout how old?

Rub    All probably the same age ya know

Dispatch: Okay were you able to tell how tall clothing description or anything like that?

Rub    No.

Comment: What?? You just gave them a full description 10 seconds ago and now you don’t  know how tall they are or what clothing they had on.

Dispatch: Okay are you still seeing them now?

Rub   No I’m not I just went around the corner so

Dispatch: Okay

Rub    There’s a silver car out front like uhh it’s a Neon you want the address   uh the plate off of that?

Dispatch: Sure go ahead.

Rub    It’s I think I believe it’s 711XFW and it’s a silver Neon

Comment: . So let me make sure I get this straight. You were driving through the neighborhood and somehow you saw 2 white kids who looked 12 on a summer day when schools out. And at the same time you were able to get the house address and read the license plate..    Damn you must have photographic memory!!!!  But 10 seconds later you can`t remember the description of the kids you just gave to dispatch??????

Rub    Yes.

Dispatch: Okay.  Okay.  We’ll I’ll let the units in the area know and someone will be out there as soon as they can okay?

Rub    Alright thank you.

Dispatch: Alright bye bye.

Rub    Bye bye.

Also any reporters would like to do a quick and easy public record search of Carl  you will SEE he has NO JOB HISTORY, but on his face book timeline he is giving shout outs to ex military buddies. This tells me THAT he is either ex special forces or a undercover police officer.
How does a 42 year old white man have NO job history listed???????? But he is running around looking for 12 year old white kids playing in there own yard? AM THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO CAN SEE THAT THIS IS A SETUP?
That`s right, call me THE INSPECTOR.

Update 11/15/2014: If you would like to know more about Carl  and play the exciting game of follow the snitch go to this thread:

Now remember that even though the animal control officer was CONVICTED of stealing money from the crime scene and they probably read this transcript they still decided to place FELONY charges on a dispensary with a business license and that was paying taxes.

Exhibit (B) CAD REPORT.

A CAD report is the police records that show the sequence of events. Mia the lady who lived at the house works for a law firm and she was able to have one her attorney friends pull this up. Note that Mia originally was going to sue the city for what they did to her boys but the kids were so traumatized by what happened to them she decided to drop it. Also these kids were straight A students and are both now attending the University of Washington.

Note some of the activity in this report is not listed.

Cad Incident Inquire

11:15 : 22 Text: Seen 1 ago 2 juvs climbing in window of the house.. standing on porch is w/m/12-13 506 thin bld. Bln hair, all blk weaps seen…RP was Just driving by, doesn`t know subjs that live at loc\name:Rub Carl –nc- \Ph:253-678-N-522*\Source Cell Location: 8425 40th t W N Sector

11:15:47 Sdo1 (c89037) Hac_ker, Da_niel

11:15:47  Michael

11:16:34 Text:Suspects That Climbed in the window were both w/m’S12-

3YO..No further desc..Parked in front is sil dodge neon 2dr Lic/711xfw.w..rp is no longer near loc..

11:20:15 Asplunb, Nels

Comment: This is Travis partner, you know the one he said was the thief.

11:22:15 Checking Inside

Comment: So within 7 minutes, 2 police officers and 2 animal control officers were on the scene and entering the house.


Now I hope you all understand why the prosecution doesn`t want to give my lawyer that discovery!!

Also Note that this CLEARLY shows that Lyons was first on the scene and was not called later as to handle the dog as the newspapers claim.

11:27:37 Have a grow op here….Need SIU

11:27:27 SIU Page Sent

11:27:46 NO Need for phone call.. Need them to respond

16:18:12 Jail,W1 SM 56691

16:18:53 Jail,W/1M

Comment: They decided to take the kids to jail at this point even though the police saw medical marijuana cards posted all over the house.

18:34:44 Need forensics here asap

Comment: I think this is the point they discovered the money missing.

21:11:21 FINALTYPE:BIP-àNarc PRI:2p-à3, Per 72, Charges are manufacturing for now



Things that make you say hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

21:59:51 207189.448, 20 ADV, contacted by media

Comment: Police were contacted by the media, and we know how that all went down now don’t we kids.

(Exhibit C), 11 Aug 2012 

Travis Lyons must wish he could rewind his week and erase it.


Travis Lyons must wish he could rewind his week and erase it.

L_yons, a University Place animal control officer, was fired Friday. Around the same time, Pierce County prosecutors charged him with second-degree theft, evidence tampering and official misconduct.

He`s accused of stealing money from a crime scene: a marijuana crop busted Wednesday by sheriff`s deputiesAccording to charging documents, L_yons, 28, swiped more than $1,400 in cash stacked on a dresser. He denied it at first, then blamed his fellow officer, and finally admitted the theft to a deputy a day later, records state.

"I wanted to tell you that I did take the money yesterday and I want to come clean about it," Lyons said.

Charging documents say three sheriff`s deputies responded Wednesday to a reported burglary in progress in the 7700 block of 35th Street Southwest.

The deputies soon spotted the burglars - a pair of juveniles - and discovered the pot-growing operation in the process.

Deputies called Lyons and another animal control officer to handle a dog at the scene.


When questioned, Lyons denied knowing anything about the money and blamed his partner. His partner blamed Lyons. The next day, Lyons called a deputy and told a different story. He said he`d taken the money and thrown it over a fence for safekeeping during the search. After the first sweep, he went back to the spot and gathered the money. A patrol car drove up. Lyons panicked, he said, and hid the money behind the seat of his car. 

Asked why he`d taken it, Lyons said, "I`m not sure.


Lyons pleaded not guilty at his Friday arraignment in Pierce County Superior Court.


Travis Lyons must wish he could rewind his week and erase it. Lyons, a University Place animal-control officer, was fired Friday.

Exhibit D



Plaintiff, CAUSE NO. 12-1-03014-8





KEVIN A. McBAN declares under penalty of perjury:

That I am a deputy prosecuting attorney for Pierce County and I am familiar with the police

report and/or investigation conducted by the PIERCE COUNTY SHERIFF, incident number 122211114;

That the police report and/or investigation provided me the following information;

That in Pierce County, Washington, on or about the 8th day of August, 2012, the defendant,

TRAVIS TAYLOR LYONS, did commit the crimes of Theft in the Second Degree, Tampering with

Physical Evidence and Official Misconduct.

According to the reports submitted by Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputies Gary Sanders, Henry

Betts and Michael Blair the defendant Travis Taylor LYONS was dispatched to the scene of a burglary

investigation where a marijuana grow operation was found inside the residence. LYONS, a University

Place Animal Control Officer, entered the home to assist in the investigation and handling of a dog that

was on site. It was later discovered that a large quantity of cash that had been inside the house was taken.

A subsequent search of all the patrol vehicles associated with responding officers was conducted and the

cash was discovered inside the vehicle driven by Lyons.

On August 8, 2012 University Place Officer Daniel Hacker responded to a residence located at

7705 35th Street SW after a witness called to report that the residence was being burglarized. Upon

arrival Hacker knocked at the front door and received no response. Hacker walked the perimeter of the

house and found a side door standing open. Fearing there may be victims or burglars inside the house,

Hacker announced his presence and entered the home. Once inside Hacker discovered a marijuana grow operation in various stages throughout the home. Two juvenile suspects were discovered inside the house

and detained. Hacker reported that during the initial sweep of the house, it was observed that there was a

stack of cash in one of the bedrooms on a dresser. At some point between the time of the sweep and

when members of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) came to execute a search warrant, it was

discovered that the cash was missing. A search of the home and suspects did not result in the location of

the missing money.

While the search warrant was being executed, Mia  arrived at the scene and identified

herself as a resident of the house. The Women  claimed that the marijuana grow operation was lawful and

part of a marijuana dispensary in Tacoma. The Women further claimed that she had a large amount of cash

inside the bedroom. She described the location of the cash and claimed that there should have been

approximately $1,400.

Since the scene had been turned over to SIU to execute the search warrant, it was determined that

the initial responding officers should all be called back to the scene to investigate where the missing

money had gone. Officers packer, Dooney, Bsplund and defendant LYONS were all called back to the




August 10 2012 1:31 PM






Office of the Prosecuting Attorney

scene without disclosing why they were needed. When these officers arrived at the scene they were

advised that money was taken from the residence and that they needed to eliminate the possibility that

they would be involved,. Each officer consented to a search of their patrol vehicle.

A search of bracker and Dooney’s patrol vehicle did not result in the discovery of the money.

During a search of LYONS and Bsplund’s Animal Control Vehicle Deputies tohnson and Blair

discovered a large quantity of cash beneath the driver’s seat of the vehicle. The money was located as

Johnson slid the driver’s seat forward and began to search the area directly behind the seat.

Once the money was observed, a narcotics K-9 unit was called over to determine whether there was drug residue on the money. The K-9 dog responded in a manner consistent with his training to indicate that he had detected drug residue on the money.

Comment: I have to stop and laugh at this point. Their own drug dog alerted on them out. LOL 

The money was left in place until it could be documented by photographs. Once the money was

removed it was counted and determined to be consistent with the amount reported missing by the women

All together, a total of $1,469 was recovered from the truck.

LYONS and Bsplund agreed to be questioned about the money and were escorted to the

University Place Police station for questioning. Both LYONS and bsplund denied involvement in

stealing the money and placed blame on the other.

On August 9, 2012 Deputy Blair received a call from defendant LYONS who told him “Hey, it’s

Travis… I wanted to tell you that I did take the money yesterday and I want to come clean about it.”

LYONS agreed to come to the station where he was escorted to the Chief’s office and questioned by

Deputy Sanders.

After being advised of his Miranda warnings, LYONS admitted to stealing the money. At first

LYONS claimed that he found the money in the grass near where he parked his vehicle but later admitted

that this was not the truth.

Comment: You want to come clean but immediately start lying again hmmmmm fascinating Watson.

LYONS eventually admitted that he went inside the house, removed the money

from the bedroom then went outside to conceal it. LYONS indicated that he threw the money over a

fence and left it there until he was called back to the scene. LYONS indicated that when he was called

back to the scene he parked his patrol vehicle where he had thrown the money and began to pick up the

money when a SIU unit arrived at the scene. LYONS stated that upon seeing the SIU vehicle he panicked

and threw the money on the back seat of his Animal Control Vehicle.

When asked why he had taken the money, LYONS told Blair “I’m not sure, I’ve just never seen

money in a stack like that.”



There you have it folks, in this story you have mystery, corruption, cavity searches, betrayal, and cover-up.

Are you not entertained?
Please share this story on Facebook and Google + so that all parents make sure that they don`t have their 12 and 13 year old kids playing in there own yard during the summer, because Karl  might drive by and call 911.

I bet you there sitting in their country club right now thinking about ways to to get a warrant to raid my collective.
Here`s an idea, why don`t you get that drug sniffing dog that ratted out Byons over to our shop. He`s really good.

I will be updating this BLOG EVERYDAY with any news so make sure you check back. If you don`t hear nothing that means either they shut down my website, I`ve been shot, or I`m in prison.

You know how prohibitionist always use that bullshit excuse to keep marijuana illegal saying "what about the kids" "what about the kids" and look what they do to your kids as soon as you turn your back.

Actually the last time I talked to the women who lived at the house, she told me she decided to drop the lawsuit for the boys because they were too traumatized. Now that I think about it. I think she is lying. They probably settled out of court in secret with the agreement to LIE ON me and say THERE plants belong to me. Which of course took it over the 45 plant limit. How else can you explain to me the person who was not THERE getting Charges but the 3 people at the HOUSE were not charged at all. Also ask yourself this question if your kids were taking to jail and cavity searched illegally and you had all this evidence above would you drop a law suit?????

You might say to yourself But I thought Marijuana is LEGAL in Washington State. It is, but just not for ME!!
(a) Qualifying patients with terminal or debilitating medical conditions who, in the judgment of their health care professionals, may benefit from the medical use of cannabis, shall not be arrested, prosecuted, or subject to other criminal sanctions or civil consequences under state law based solely on their medical use of cannabis, notwithstanding any other provision of law; or have real or personal property seized or forfeited!!
You see before this law was passed by our legislators medical marijuana patients had a thing called affirmative defense. That means that they could still be arrested but later they could use medical reason for there defense. Our Wise Washington State legislator saw a problem with this. Because patients were still getting arrested and getting there plants and equipment stolen. They had to spend a lot of money on LEGAL DEFENSE and they said that was not right. So they changed the law 8 months BEFORE my incident. So that patients DID NOT have to go through the DESTRUCTION OF THEIR PLANTS or THE EXPENSE of A TRIAL.
Now Lets Check again.
I was ARRESTED Check
I am being Prosecuted Check
Property Seized and Forfeited Check

Also they took all of Women and her sons plants that were downstairs but because they panicked the women and TOLD THE POLICE That Everything Belonged to Me.
Taking the house over the limit allowing the POLICE TO PLACE BOGUS Charges on ME and my patients.!!!!
Again Notice the people at the house were not charged and a easy search of medical marijuana card posted by Derick of his FRIEND CODY would have told them that the plants downstairs belonged to the women and her Son. THEY KNEW THAT THE PLANTS DOWNSTAIRS were not part of our collective but they ignored it and prosecuted me anyway.

Guess Growing Marijuana is Legal for EVERYBODY IN WASHINGTON STATE EXCEPT ME!?!

By amending RCW 69.50A, the Washington State Legislator withdrew its grant of authority to the state government to arrest or seize property from individuals who qualified as medical cannabis patients or their designated providers.

Think this is my problem and it doesn`t effect you??
Read what my GENIUS ATTORNEY wrote in his motions for dismissal.
It has been thoughtfully observed that (i)f prosecutors are permitted to convict guilty defendants by improper, unfair means, then we are but a moment away from the time when prosecutors will convict innocent defendants by unfair means. State v Torres, 16 Wash App, 254, 263, 554 P.2d 1069, 1075 (1976)

Translation: You could could be next!

Here are the rest of the motions attorney wrote.
1. Should the court suppress evidence when the initial entry into the house was illegal? 
Comment: Yes it was

2. Should the court suppress evidence gathered during a search that was based on an illegal obtained warrant.
Comment: If the follow the constitution of the United States.

3. Should the court dismiss for failure of the State to establish a prima facie case.
Comment: My lawyer is so smart I don`t even know what the hell this means, LOL

4. Should the court dismiss this matter because Mr. M was entrapped into committing a crime?

Comment: Naw I only had a business license from the same city that is PROSECUTING ME.

5. Should the ciminal charges against Mr. M be dismissed on the grounds of res judicata.
Comment: Again don`t know what  this means.

6. Should the Court dismiss this case due to prosecutorial misconduct.
Comment: They Should question is WILL THEY?

7. Should the court suppress evidence or dismiss this case due to discovery violations.
They do not want to give my lawyer the evidence I need because It will open up a bigger can of worms and they know this so instead of dropping the charges they keep torturing me and my wife and holding our kid hostage .

So now do you know why I DON`T THINK I AM GOING TO GET A FAIR TRIAL?


Meanwhile In Seattle

I`m not a medical marijuana patient," I warned up front.

"You don`t have to be," Bear assured.

Approximately one minute later, I got a text: "Hi, this is Otter with Winterlife. I was told you`re interested in delivery." I gave Otter my address, and he texted: "No problem, man. I`ll be there in about 30 minutes."

The Equal Protection Clause is part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The clause, which took effect in 1868, provides that nostate shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

A primary motivation for this clause was to validate and perpetuate the equality provisions contained in the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which guaranteed that all people would have rights equal to those of white citizens. As a whole, the Fourteenth Amendment marked a large shift in American constitutionalism, by applying substantially more constitutional restrictions against the states than had applied before the Civil War.

Let me see me and Otter are both in the State of Washington   Check
We Both are Persons                                                            Check
We are both under the jurisdiction of the State of Washington   Check 
Fascinating......WATSON... What could be different about me and Otter that causes me to fight felony charges for allegedly growing for patients with a business license???
HMMMM let me take a wild guess.


And if you are NOT BLACK But a minority and your thinking about doing business in the State of Washington make sure you WATCH THIS VIDEO.;=2013110084

These are mostly minority business owners who got SWINDLED by the state into buying liquor stores.
90 percent of the businesses are now closed because the state let to out of STATE million dollar businesses to dominate the market.
These are WHITE PEOPLE TOO. People were talking about being homeless, and loosing there families and homes. A few of them left IN TEARS.

This is a state that uses good ol boy networks do demolish and destroy dreams of those minorities who seek it. TRUST ME I KNOW WHAT I`M TALKING ABOUT. 
This video above is so heart breaking if it does not make you cry you are one cold person or your part of the good ol boy network.
As evidence of LOCAL MEDIA BIAS AND STATE CONTROL have you seen one local paper do a STORY on this compelling and tear jerking story??? OF COURSE NOT!!!

We all know that the type of JUSTICE You get in this COUNTRY depends on HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE, if you don`t believe me ask OJ SIMPSON.
But Just because you want to get me so bad does not mean you have to attack our children. You HAVE CROSSED THE RED LINE!!!!!


I see you Olympia checking out my websites. You know your really something when you see Home Land Security in your web stats. LOL

United StatesWashingtonOlympia198.238.233.232AS4193 Department of Information Services


WinXP (1920x1080x32)
MSIE 8.0 (JavaScript: 1.3, Cookie: Yes, Java

SirCBD (TOTAL POSTS:259)1/11/2014 4:36:37 PM
Update: The department of revenue just sent letters to all collectives to pay back taxes. 


We got a letter too saying that I owed current and back taxes Im going to send them a letter and ask if I can get back to them after I get out of prison. Or maybe ill get shot first who knows???

This is the same thing I have been wanring people trying to apply for I-502 license. The department of revenue will not let you deduct expenses because of IRS TAX rule 280(e). Let me explain

Lets say you have 100,000 a month in sales.
Now 25,000 will be cost of employees and operations expenses
50,0000 will be cost of your product.
That leaves you 25,000 profit right?
Wrong, now you have to pay 35,000 in excise taxes if you are a retail shop
 That leaves you negative 10,000 per month in the hole.
NOW GUESS WHAT, you have to go and pay FEDERAL TAXES ON the 100,000 in sells at the average rate of 40 percent.
So now you are negative 50,000 in the hole.

to read more about I-502 rules go here
SirCBD (TOTAL POSTS:259)1/11/2014 5:42:29 PM
Here is another example of "special treatment" I receive from Pierce County. About 2 weeks ago I had to fire an employee for suspicion of theft. After she was fired she started texting me and my wife calling her an asian bitch. 

She then went on Google Yelp and other websites and left reviews saying we were stealing from our patients. A few days later in the middle of the day a rock comes through our window where my wife works. My wife called 911 and reported but did the police come bye and take a report??? Of course NOT!! 
I guess if your a business owner in Tacoma and a rock comes through your window the police don`t have enough resources to handle that little small threat.

Wait let me restate that. I guess if your a BLACK business owner in Tacoma ........

Guess their too busy looking for suspicious white 12 year olds climbing through windows.

 I had no choice but to file an anti harassment order against the employee. When I went to court. Me and the employee were standing before the judge. I told my story, then she told her story and ADMITTED to everything. 

The judge denied my harassment order saying he didn`t see a pattern of harassment. I asked him so what do you consider a pattern of harassment your honor. Hes said oohh it`s vague. 

 One of our patients is an ex Tacoma Police officer and even gave an audio statement of the employee stealing from her but they would`nt give me the justice I deserved. That`s why I think they there going to give me the same "Special Treatment" during my trial for growing cannabis for my patient`s 

So you here that any business owners thinking about doing business in Tacoma. If you fire an employee for stealing and they slander your business and throw rocks though your office its all perfectly fine and dandy,
SirCBD (TOTAL POSTS:259)1/11/2014 6:10:33 PM


Wouldn`t you be scarred and paranoid if a lawyer named Stefani  got so scarred that she dropped your case and then you got a letter in the mail 2 weeks later saying you have been charged with a felony in the middle of state wide full legalization?

Did anybody catch that senate hearing last week when congress asked the NSA were they spying on them, notice they don`t give a shit about ordinary Americans they were only worried about there own crooked asses. I thought it was hilarious when the they refused to answer. 
If you care about your own personal privacy you must watch the video on the link below.

See thread :

SirCBD (TOTAL POSTS:259)1/12/2014 12:31:38 AM

 Wonder if that`s going to happen to me?

That`s another reason I have security cameras ever where, but also connected to the internet. And make sure you give login to at least 3 off site people so they can watch your back too. Also have dummy and hidden cameras that record everything audio and sound. 
SirCBD (TOTAL POSTS:259)1/12/2014 3:28:07 AM

 So true So true.

You see they miscalculated and thought they could control me with the threat of prison.
Big mistake. When I was 15 I went to prison did 6 years for armed robbery in the great state of Virginia.
They Charged me as an adult so I have always had that felony on my record.
Now I didn t rat anybody out or try to blame my stupid mistake on somone else. I pleaded guilty did my time and paid my debt to society or so I thought..
I went to college and got a good job and paid my taxes. But heres the little secret. Prison wasn`t all that bad.

I know for a fact I was more at peace in prison than I am right now. Dont get me wrong prison was`nt fun. I got into a lot of fights my first 3 years there. Last three years I got into 0. Guess I earned my respect. I don`t like telling people I`m a convicted felon but I`m at the point now that I will go to a lot of extremes to protect my family. I can smell a set up a mile away and it not looking good for me.

If we were bad people how could we be in business for 3 years going through all this? People don`t buy cannabis from people they don`t like or trust.

The only other thing they can take from me is my family which there trying to do. They have all ready tried to destroy my business multiple times for what reason I can not tell you. If you ask 90 percent of the people who know us they will tell you we are good people. The other 10 percent are player haters for reasons I don`t fully know or understand.
Taima Hime (TOTAL POSTS:33)1/12/2014 3:46:29 AM
This is so wrong. Now who we suppose to trust and feel safe if we can`t even trust own government system? He does not deserve go to prison or living fear every day. That is not right. I hope every thing will be work out.
SirCBD (TOTAL POSTS:259)1/12/2014 10:48:32 AM

Here is my Tax warrant that I tried to appeal but was dismissed because supposedly I filed it in the wrong jurisdiction.

Till this day it sits on my wifes and I`s file. They tried to seize our bank accounts also, GOOD THING WE WERE BROKE Or they would of ROBBED that TOO!!!.
I have contacted about 20 different attorneys to help us with this and none would help. 

One attorney said go ahead and PAY The tax warrant and THEN YOU CAN SUE THEM. 

AND HE KNEW I WAS FACING FELONY CHARGES!!!!!!! Makes me wonder if half these attorneys out there aren`t owned by the state also. 
SirCBD (TOTAL POSTS:259)1/12/2014 9:06:14 PM

Somehow CPS got involved next thing you know they arrested him for child endangerment and set his bail at 150,000. He as been sitting in Snohomish County Jail for the last 10 fucking months without a trial. His trial date I guess is set for March almost a year in jail without being found guilty of ANYTHING. I believe that the state looked on his Facebook account and saw that his mom was part owner of a medical marijuana dispensary and OILED HIM UP thinking we had the money to bail him out. Of course we don`t cause were to busy FIGHTING MY FELONY CHARGES. 


Hang in there TYLER WE KNOW THAT YOU ARE INNOCENT!!!  Also any investigative reporters find out why CPS won`t LET THE MOTHER HAVE THE CHILD IF SHE DIDN`T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE ASSAULT!!!!!. This innocent kid has been rotting in jail for 10 months with no trial and a public defender.

UPDATE: 2/4/2014: Now we know why he has not been released yet or giving a trial don`t we Watson?


I also believe that they probably sent the police to jack our grow because I was challenging them on the tax issues. I can`t prove that yet, but how else do you explain what happened? They saw a uppity African american business owner who needed to be taught a lesson. That`s what I Believe Happened. There doing this to us because of either 

A. I challenged them on taxes without a lawyer or
B. Someone in the city owns another dispensary and they see me as competition. 
C. There Racist
E. You think I am a Narc?
D All of the above
Which Answer would you circle???

SirCBD (TOTAL POSTS:259)1/13/2014 3:55:33 PM
UPDATE: 2/4/2014 This Patient I believe her name is DEBRA. Was the INFORMANT CONTROLLER FOR MY SOON TO BE EX WIFE. I`m almost positive don`t have the evidence yet.
Update: 1/13/2014 Hmm remember the patient we have who is an ex Tacoma Police Officer. We just found out they got fired from her job for some stupid reasons. Coincidence??? I think not. 

The funny thing is I let out a message about us having a police officer patient right before Christmas, but I did not say there name or give any other information. I just wanted to check to see how close they were watching. Well now I have my answer. 

Also I feel responsible if anybody reading this has a job for a good person email me. You must have a verifiable business that has been open for 2 years. I wonder if I can hire her for security?? There was a story in the paper about where Seattle Police officers can legally work off hours at marijuana stores. hmmm better check with the trusted lawyer on that one. But please give this person a job she did not deserve to get fired. gracias.

Time for Stage 2 

 Everybody`s your buddy when your handing them cash, you find out who your real friends are when things get rough. 

They smile in your face all they want to do is take your place the BACKSTABBERS...
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