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Greetings, my name is James, I am the owner of this website and I am also an American and a Patriot and a father of 4 beautiful children. 5 years ago I launched a search engine optimization attack against corrupt  Pierce County Prosecutors Lawyers and Police who were literally trying kill me because I busted there plan to rob my medical marijuana business. Search Engine Optimization is the process of bringing Keywords that people type to the first page of Google for those who don't know. My first target was the Police Snitch name Carl Rubicam who used a new cell phone created 2 days before he made a 911 call saying he saw to kids breaking into my house. Of course, the police were 3 minutes away kicked in the door and robbed me blind. If you Google (Carl Rubicam Douchebag) you can still see my handy work from 5 years ago.  More on that subject later. The purpose of the attack was not just to draw attention to these criminals but also to draw attention to what I am convinced concerns EVERY human on Earth and that is the disaster at Fukushima.  

There will new post and new clues every day so CHECK BACK! 

I haven't forgotten about you motherfuckers.

The main purpose of my initial attack was to create a viral blog post that got the attention of the FBI, the CIA and the NSA. I believe I reached that goal of getting in contact with all three but the NSA was my primary goal. In these postings, I left clues by coding words when you hover over a picture or over a link. These pictures and links would lead to more information and more clues. If it sounds familiar because there is a new SEO attack going on called Q. which I believe will change the world forever. To understand what Q is I highly suggest you watch this video.  

Who an what is Q ANON.
To Begin to watch this youtube video.

I ask that you Share this Blog over all your social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any others you see fit to spread the knowledge.
I asked that you ask any questions you might have in the comment sections, I will try to answer them all as I tell you this remarkable ongoing story that I believe will eventually free mankind from slavery. 




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Agent Pineapple Juice is ready to launch the largest SEO attack in the history of mankind. Calling all White Hats, Deplorable, Wizards, Operators and white hats to defend QANON and the destruction of the cabal and there pedophiles allies.

Cross Reference the picture above with the ZeroHedge Article Below. Notice JFK JR said his father was killed because he wanted to know about the greys. AKA Aliens.
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Yes it is true, the internet monster is back.

What do you do when the local police and local FBI are corrupt and cops and prosecutors are trying to set you up with murder and worse possibly trying to kill you?
You launch an internet VIRUS disguised as a blog to penetrate the White Hats in the Federal Government that's what you do. But you just can't do it alone with no backup. You need to have a BIG NAME ATTORNEY backing your SEO attack. Of course, you can NEVER trust a lawyer so you have to find a flunkie you can set up. Enter into my Story Aaron Pelley.
Arron Pelley The Coward

This Blog will be broken into 2 parts. Firstly it will be based on QANON and the destruction of the Cabal. The second part will be my own story of how the Government tried to set me up and destroy my life and business. A lot of what I tell you will seem remarkable even crazy, But I think if you do all the research you will find out its all 100 percent true. 

Q ANON updates.Time Stamp 8.6.2018 11:47 PM 

Today it was announced that President Trump will declassify the FISA memo and supposedly all hell will break loose after that. Here I will let ZERO HEDGE explain it to you better.

QANON has been around since October of last year when THEY first started dropping clues on the destruction of the deep state. Claiming to have Q clearance and was in direct contact with the president.  Many posts later the world's top open source researchers including myself have investigated the postings and claim them to be true. If I am correct, the best intelligence is about ready to be dropped just before MIDTERM elections which are about 90 days away.  This story goes beyond Q-ANON and will lead you into one of the darkest secrets being kept from you by your own Government. A lot of you or wondering why a marijuana website would be pushing this agenda. You will soon find out that Marijuana or Hemp may be the only solution to the future of mankind. I know it sounds bizarre but as you read my blog you will soon understand the methods behind the madness. 

Time Line of Events.

2011 Fukushima Blows

2012 First Dispensary Northwest Herbal Care Opens In Tacoma Washington.

2012 First Notices by City and State to Close Business due to illegality and at the same time ordered to pay taxes. 

2012 Letter from the DEA ordering business to close because of zoning violations 

2012 Northwest Herbal Care moves locations and changes the name to Red Emperor Collective 

2012 Rent House in University Place from Landlord David Fogg To Grow patients medicine in 

2012 House is Raided by Police after Carl Rubican makes 911 call saying burglars are breaking in.

2012 Animal Control Officer Travis Lyons pleads guilty to stealing 1500 cash from the house one year after the house is raided. Tampering with physical evidence charges are dropped. 

2012 Owner hires lawyer Stephanie Quanie to sue the city of UP and Tacoma to recover losses.

2 weeks later after taking $2000 cash, she quits

2 weeks latter owner received a letter in the mail charging him with Felony for growing Marijuana 

2012 Owner Hires lawyer Arron Pelley to represent him for trial.

2013 after almost 2 years in court owner notices that Aaron Pelley is working FOR the prosecution to find him guilty.

2014 Owner Launches an SEO attack setting up Lawyer and Pierce County prosecutors with the aim of contacting White Hats in the NSA  for help.

2014 Contact With NSA made.

To be continued. 

Move Bitch Get Out the Way!!!

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