website stat Strongcoin is a Fraudulant Bitcoin Site
Strongcoin is a Fraudulant Bitcoin Site
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So I finally dived into the world of bit coins to see what all the fuss was about. I Google a few sites and decided to try out Http:// Big mistake!
I had six hundred dollars transferred to the site. When I tried to send it. I was told that I needed to decry pt my password. However they do not tell you this when you first sign up. I contacted the website via email and the administrator told me he would call me. Of course he never did. He just sent me a bunch of emails telling me to try this and try that. First of all NEVER TRUST a site that does not have a phone number to contact customer support. This was my own stupidity. Also they do not even make you verify your email before you create an account. That should of been my second clue.

It has been 2 months since i put my money in the account and I still can not get access to it. I googled the company and found out they did the same thing to other customers. See;all

Here is the comment Rip Off Fraud Site


Really hoping someone can advise all help me out here as I think, I have screwed up usual

Strongcoin account, set up, password etc.
Never can remember being asked for or creating any private key.
been merrily depositing my coins into my strongcoin address.

Today, I came to withdraw and found myself being asked for private key password. Dont, have one, never made one...

what the hell I do ?? and typically it is not a few BTC..

any help would be appreciated..

Needless to say that the website admin who you can only contact through email says there is nothing he can do so my money is GONE. I am so pissed but it was my damn fault. is a site built on incompetence and FRAUD. Stay away if you value your money.


I am in contact with the admin at and I am trying to figure out a way of getting my money back without paying 600 dollars.
The admin directed me to this site. and they will charge 20 percent of what ever my account is worth. The current balance is .09 bitcoins. which is close to around $2400, so there basically telling me that I got to cough up around $500 to get my money back.

Bing (The Covert Samson Option) and follow the white rabbit.

So currenlty if you go to Google and type Review my site is not showing up YET
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