website stat How much marijuana will I yield
How much marijuana will I yield
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How much will my marijuana plants yield?


How many ounces will my cannabis plants yield?

A lot of new growers want to know what to expect as far as return on investment if they decide to grow medical marijuana and now recreational marijuana for the states of Washington and Colorado California, Nevada, DC, and Maine.

Most growers base their performance on how many grams they yield per number of watts in their grown room Growing outdoors is a whole different ballgame and I will discuss that separately. First let’s start with indoor gardens. Expert growers look to yield 1 gram per watt during the flower stage.

For an example lets say you have 4 1000 watt high pressure sodium lights and you start your vegetative state on  January 1st. You go 30 days and put them in flower. After 2 months if you yield 1 gram per watt you will have 8 pounds. That comes out to 2.6 pounds per month. In Washington State dispensaries normally pay $2400 to $3000 a pound for indoor weed.  If we average it out it comes to about $2700 a pound.

So your monthly income comes to about  $7020 dollars.  That’s sounds great for most marijuana growers but most growers only get .5 grams per watt. So your more looking at $3510 per month minus expenses.

How Much Marijuana will I get from one plant?

So what factors affect yield of a plant.

Vegetative Time: technical you can put your plants into flower without vegging for 30 days. But then your plants would only yield about 12 grams each. The longer you Veg your plant the more it will yield as long as it has the proper light resources. Some growers veg their plants for 2 months and then flower one plant under 1 1000 watt light. This technique is advisable when you want to keep your plant numbers under state law and still need large yields.  The most efficient way to grow is called a sea of green or (sog). This technique you use about 40 small plants under each 1000 light. You get more yield because all the light is hitting the canopy completely. Most growers do not like this method because it requires hundreds on plants to do it correctly which could bring more severe criminal charges.

If your environment is not optimal your plants will not reach their full potential.  The air in your grow room needs to be exchanged at the minimum of once every 5 minutes. You should at the minimum have a exhaust fan high in your room to remove the excess hot air. Atmospheric controllers are highly recommended. This allows you to turn on and off your intake fans and exhaust fans based on the temperature and humidity levels you choose. ****NOTE DO NOT SKIP ON GETTING YOUR ENVIORMENT CORRECT.

 Huge Indoor Marijuana Plant

Fertilizers and nutrients

The type of fertilizers and nutrients you use will affect how much yield your plants make. We suggest using a 2 part fertilizer Canna, house and garden, and advance nutrients are good choices. These fertilizer lines are specifically designed for marijuana versus fertilizers like miracle grow.

Skill of the Gardner.

The more crops you have under belt the more efficient your grow will be. I have never seen anybody with less than 2 years of growing experience hit 1 gram per watt.


Genetics of the medical marihuana strain.

Some marijuana strains are low yielders and some are high yielders. It doesn’t matter what you do as a grower or how good your environment some strains just don’t yield as much as others. OG Kush is a notorious low yielding plant. Also you have to calculate if you’re going to grow  a more dominate sativa plant or a more dominant Indica plant. Indica plants finish in 6 to 8 weeks. Sativas usually finish in 10 to 12 weeks. That means 2 to 4 weeks more of labor, electricity, and fertilizer expense that goes into your marijuana garden budget. So choose your strains wisely.


Outdoor Marijuana Yields

Usually farmers vegetate there outdoor plants indoors and then plant them out doors around May. Outdoor plants can yield 20 pounds a plant or more depending on conditions and skill of the grower.

If you grow outdoors make sure you give them plenty of space and be careful of rippers.

If you have any questions about marijuana yield please ask them on this thread and I will answer it



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