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Purple Arrow
SirCBD (TOTAL POSTS:21) 3/24/2013 3:21:10 AM

Purple Arrow is a strain  that came out of the Pacific Northwest. It is a popular one in local dispensaries especially if grown right.
I have personally been growing this strain for the last 9 years and it has a kick that makes it very unique. Out of about 200 different strains that I have grown out this one that people ask for the most. Some people describe it as a vicodin substitute and if you get a good batch you will see why. Patients with chronic back pain have reported immediate relief once this strain is ingested. Purple Arrow is a cross of Cindy 99 and Durban Thai. It is called purple arrow because of the shape of the stock .
Ben (TOTAL POSTS:3) 3/28/2013 2:05:46 PM

Purple Arrow is a personal favorite of mine. The Red Emperor in Tacoma has the finest sample of the flower I have tried so far. When they have it go check it out, even if they dont have it give em a shot. All their cannabis is great.
Audrey Dawn (TOTAL POSTS:11) 10/24/2013 11:46:56 PM

Oh my gosh, this is such a gorgeous bud.  I wish I could make earrings or something out of it.  It reminds me of Blackberry Kush but with more flavor, and way more effect.  I wish it was more widely available! 
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