website stat New I 502 Law Jeporizes prosecutions of marijuana
New I 502 Law Jeporizes prosecutions of marijuana
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I read the article and a lot of it doesnt make sense. So raw marijuana does not normally test over 0.3 percent. There was no mention of what test method was used.
Was they using a HPLC? (High Pressure Liquid Chromoter) to do the marijuana testing? This is the problem that we have dispensaries owners have been bitching about for a long time. Well at least this dispensary owner. How do you know the testing results are valid for any type of marijuana plant. In my opinion it is impossible and here are the top 5 reasons why you can`t accurately test marijuana

Top 5 reasons why you can not accurately test cannabis.
  1. Being a grower I can tell you that some parts of the plant will have a different chemical makeup than other parts of the plant, for example the top part of a marijuana plant is more potent than the bottom buds of the plant.
  2. The chemical properties of marijuana change daily. If a grower sends in a sample to be tested that sample will be different than the sample that hits the consumers. That is because as you dry and cure marijuana the chemical properties changes over time.
  3. Some parts of the marijuana plant can be perfectly find while other parts of the bud could be molded or infected. Every grower has had certain buds of the plant start to mold this is common in grow rooms that have humidity problems. At the end of the grow cycle the the bud gets so thick that air can not move through the plant causing bud rot. So what if a grower send in a sample of the good parts but ships the contaminated part to the consumer.
  4. There are to many variations in grower skills and envioremnet types to accurately test a particular strain. You can give the same 10 clones to 10 different growers and get 10 different test results using the same technique.
  5. The only way to test marijuana currently requires you to send a small sample. To truly test marijuana you have to test the entire crop which would economically impossible to do with current technology.

 Currently at the Red Emperor Collective in Tacoma Washington we are trying to develop a cheap method to test for CBD. If it works cannabis clubs will be able to test 50 strains per day for under $200 dollars. Our goal is be able to identify CBD rich strains with low THC so that patients can have better options of not getting high when they medicate while still getting the medicinal benefits of the plant.

Below is a picture of some preliminary CBC Tester of blue dream and purple arrow strains.


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