DispensaryExchange.com marijuana strain database.

All over the internet you can find information about different cannabis strains. The Problem is that some sites will have information about one strain that interest a grower while another site will have information about the strain that is geared towered the consumer. Moreover, you cannot do searches of medical marijuana strains based off characteristics that might interest the user. At dispensary exchange we provide the following information in our list of marijuana strains.
  • Strain genetics
  • Flower time
  • Medical Effects
  • Growing Tips for that particular strain
  • You tube video of strain being grown if available
  • Known tested THC, CBD, and CBN levels
  • The breeder of the strain
  • and much more..
Also in the near future users will be able to search for strains based off flower time, specific environment, breeder and other important characteristics the user might be looking for. For example, some growers might want to search for only outdoor strains that are resistant to mold. Or an indoor grower might want to find all the strains that flower in 45 days or less.

Our goal is to have the world’s most accurate and searchable database of cannabis available on the internet.


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Abusive Diesel
Afghan Delight
Afghani Orange
Afghani Special
Afghani Wonder
AK Berry
Alcapulco Gold
Alien Fire
All Green
Alp King
Alpha 13
Amethyst Bud
Amnesia 99
Amnesia Haze
Amstel Gold
Amsterdam Bubblegum